Understanding Monitor Flyback Transformers Inner Capacitor

Troubleshooting Monitor flyback transformers isn’t tough if what’s contained in the flyback. Usually for a monitor flyback transformer, it consists of the casing, winding, pins, excessive voltage cable, anode cap, divider, epoxy and a excessive voltage capacitor. Amongst all, the interior capacitor gave probably the most issues. If this capacitor worth out or quick circuited, the monitor may have no excessive voltage and excessive voltage shut down and generally even blow the facility part. That is why, at any time when earlier than you wish to test any energy issues or horizontal out transistor (HOT) that had developed a brief circuit; you should all the time verify first that the flyback transformer inner capacitor is working. In any other case, after the alternative of parts, the monitor wouldn’t work or generally the identical parts that you just had modified would blow once more.

Though each monitor flyback transformers have totally different designed, the strategy of measuring it’s the identical whether or not it’s a Samsung, Philips, Likom and and many others. Join the digital capacitance probe from the anode cap to the underside pin as proven within the picture. capacitor worth must be from 1.5 nanofarad to four.5 nanofarad. Acer 14 and 15″ monitor normally measured 1.5-1.6 nanofarad whereas 17″ and above flyback normally within the vary of two.7 nanofarad to four.5 nanofarad. Some 21″ monitor flyback have the studying of 6 nanofarad 액셀러레이터.

dynamic focus capacitor normally has the capacitance worth from zero.5 to 1 nanofarad. If these capacitors values run, you will have some issues adjusting the main focus. In different phrases, you simply cannot tune to a pointy image irrespective of how onerous you may have tried it. You may check these dynamic focus capacitors by connecting a digital capacitance from the horizontal or vertical focus wire to one of many two pins underneath the flyback divider.

Many monitor repairers tried to repair a flyback transformer with out success. Some referred to as it as refurbish flyback. The rationale for his or her failure in repairing the flyback is due to the bleeder resistor contained in the flyback. Some technicians referred to as it as suggestions resistor. In case you simply take away the flyback inner capacitor pin and if that flyback have a bleeder resistor in it, the monitor will go into excessive voltage shutdown mode. Watch out while you wish to do refurbishing flyback

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